FINALLY! The Proof Copy Arrived

Today has been a GOOD day. Let it be known, Friday 13th May has been good to me. Though, not, I hasten to add, to everyone. My corner of the world made national news today after a firework shop exploded at five o’clock this morning. Wow.

In any case, I had coffee with my friend this morning after the school run. In a cafe. Not even just a spoonful of instant thrown into a mug at one of our houses. A rather nicely made latte from a cafe close to where we live. Fancy.

I had a hair appointment, which is always joyous. Roots begone! I won’t be getting it done again until after I get back from California. So, I hope it lasts.

Stephie Chapman

grey hair, don’t care. 

And then, when I got home, the proof copy of Jetplanes to Jupiter was sitting on the door mat. And can I just say, it looks chuffing gorgeous. I almost had a weep flicking through it. There’s a video of my cooing over on my Instagram account.

Jetplanes to Jupiter is available to preorder on Amazon and is available on Kindle and, soon, paperback (once I’ve read through it for mistakes and approved it).


Have a great weekend, everyone. I’ll post another excerpt later on!


Jetplanes to Jupiter Excerpt – San Francisco

The countdown is officially ON! It’s less than a month before Jetplanes to Jupiter is published.

*bites nails*

Actually, I’ve been a bit lax with my promotional efforts of late because I’ve been caught up in booking a cheeky little adventure to California! Fitting, no? I’m going to visit my friend in San Francisco, and he’s going to show me around and we’re going to live our best lives for a few days. Colour me excited! I’m a lucky girl.

So I guess it would make sense to share the following excerpt of the book. Cassie has gone to visit her inlaws in San Francisco. She isn’t finding life in California as easy and breezy as she’d hoped, and she’s confiding in her sister-in-law about how she’s feeling. If you’ve read Getting Over Jesse Franklin, you might remember the incident to which Lainey is referring. If you haven’t, there’s still time to pick up a copy before Jetplanes comes out.


‘Lainey, If I told you I’ve had the odd fleeting thought of going back to England, what would you think?’

‘What? Just you? Or both of you?’

‘Of course both of us! Not that I don’t like California, but sometimes I think it would be easier to be back home.’

Lainey laughs nervously. ‘Wow,’ she says, ‘for a moment I thought you meant on your own. I was about to tell you not to do that. Jesse absolutely wouldn’t cope.’

‘Do you reckon?’

‘Cassie, are you serious? After everything you went through to get here? You haven’t been here long, a lot has changed since you arrived. I get that you might be homesick, and things might not be how you thought, but give California a bit longer. It won’t just be you who’s floundering.’

‘He just seems so together with it all. All the time.’

Lainey sighs. ‘He’s not. And when he falls apart, he really falls apart.’

‘Well, I wouldn’t know. I’ve never seen that.’

‘Well, he did after you left.’

‘What? When?’

‘When you left that evening, and went home. Right at the beginning when you came to visit the first time.’

I shut my eyes. ‘Lainey, do I want to hear this?’

She puts her hand on my arm and wrinkles up her nose, ‘I think you need to.’

I sigh. She continues. ‘It was awful. He came back in the house and just went upstairs. And by then everyone had kind of pieced together that you’d gone, but no one quite knew why. So Holly and Travis left pretty soon after, but Brandon and I stayed, and we ended up staying for a couple of days. Nancy went to Mike and Dana’s. And Jesse talked to no one, I mean, no one, the whole time. He hid up in that bedroom and he wouldn’t come downstairs. I was taking him up food and he was hardly touching it. It was just heartbreaking.’

‘Oh Jesus,’ I whisper. ‘I had no idea. I’m so sorry,’ I say. I can’t even look at her. I feel terrible. I’m cringing into the centre of the Earth. It was two years ago now but I had no idea it had impacted so many people. I concentrate hard on my Converse and I can feel my face flushing. She rubs circles on my back.

‘Hey, it’s all right,’ she says. ‘Everything worked out in the end didn’t it?’


Liked that? (I hope so) You can pre order Jetplanes to Jupiter now by clicking this here link.

Are you on Wattpad? I’m serialising Getting Over Jesse Franklin on there at the moment.

Jetplanes To Jupiter Excerpt – Rachel’s Wedding

It’s just over a month to go until Jetplanes to Jupiter is published, so, here’s a little excerpt for you. The story is told through a series of flashbacks as well as present day. This is a flashback to what happened at Rachel’s wedding and picks up where Getting Over Jesse Franklin ended. Let me know what you think in the comments! 

(Amersham, September 2012)

I tap my mother on the shoulder and she spins around.

‘Cassie!’ she says. ‘Where have you been? You missed the cutting of the cake. Your dad and I were looking everywhere for you.’

‘That’s okay, Mum, really,’ I say. ‘Look, there is someone I really want you to meet.’ It is only then that she pays attention to who is standing next to me. I can almost see it fall into place inside her head, as if she’s just figured out a difficult equation. Her eyes flit to my shoulder where Jesse’s hand rests, then up to his face, then back to mine.

‘David,’ she calls. Her voice is a little higher pitched than usual. She turns her head ever so slightly towards where my father is standing and reaches back to touch his arm, but she doesn’t look away from us. ‘Can you come here a minute?’

I take a deep breath, ‘Dad, Mum, this is Jesse.’ Dad looks confused. I can’t blame him. It has only been two days since he found me sobbing over magazine cuttings and posters in my old bedroom, and now a grown up version of that very same person on the posters is here, with his arm around me. I shrug. ‘I didn’t know either.’

‘Well,’ he says finally. He extends his hand and Jesse shakes it. ‘You’re real then.’

‘Dad,’ I say, laughing nervously. ‘Of course he is.’

Like the sound of this? You can pre order Jetplanes to Jupiter for Kindle right now! 

Jetplanes to Jupiter Cover Reveal

I’m ridiculously excited to share the cover for my new book, Jetplanes To Jupiter. Enormous thanks to Rob Crichard, who has done a bloody sterling job. And I am the first to admit I was a bit of a fusspot about it. So there’s beer in his future.


Jetplanes To Jupiter is published on 30th May 2016, and will be available to preorder on Amazon shortly.

Incidentally, my mate Ruth pointed out that the colours are similar to those on Tove Lo’s album, Queen of the Clouds, which wasn’t intentional in the slightest, but I’ll take that, because Tove Lo is a babe and that album is great. Also I listened to it a lot whilst I was writing the book.


Coming Soon: Jetplanes To Jupiter

Jetplanes Coming Soon FBTwitter

Jetplanes To Jupiter, the sequel to Getting Over Jesse Franklin, is coming soon to Kindle, iBooks and old skool paperback.

Two years ago Cassie Banks lived in West London, had a thriving career, and her lifelong best friend living just the other side of town. Then she met Jesse Franklin, the bass player from her favourite band, and her life turned upside down. She gave it all up in a heartbeat to be with him, moved to America and now they’re hitched. But things aren’t quite as she expected them to be, and she quickly learns that life can get pretty lonely when you’re thousands of miles away from your friends and you’re waiting for your green card.

When Franko broke up in nineteen ninety-nine, Jesse swore he’d never play in a band again, and has worked as a freelance session musician ever since. But now, Travis, his brother and former band mate, has asked him to start something new, and there’s something about it that just works.

Just as the band begins to take off, things take an unexpected turn. How will Jesse juggle life at home with an upcoming US tour? How will Cassie settle into life as an expat in California? And just who is Edit Ellström, and what does she want?

Want to read it but haven’t read Getting Over Jesse Franklin? You might want to pick up a copy of that first. You know, for backstory and stuff.

Are you a book blogger?

If Jetplanes To Jupiter sounds like something you might like to review, please get in touch, and we can sort something out. Let me know if you haven’t read Getting Over Jesse Franklin, and I’ll chuck that in, too.